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Bored :(

2011-05-29 07:13:20 by JoHobo2

So bored at the moment its unreal

new flash series coming soon

2009-10-29 19:27:23 by JoHobo2

I just saw the darren shan cirque du freak film and i hav got to say that i have never seen such a pile of crap in my entire life. Im a huge fan of the books but the film betrayed them in every way. the effect were bad the plot was terrible and i hated every second. Anyway, because of how bad it is I have decided to make a darren shan flash series of all 12 books from the saga, which remains true to the story itself. I will post updates here so if you're interested:


i have nothing to say

2009-10-03 04:30:46 by JoHobo2

but i wanted a news post. it is very sad.